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The Australian energy market currently has more than 40 providers, but historically, consumer options have been much more limited. Energy Australia and Origin are two of Australia’s largest energy companies. Both companies evolved from energy market deregulation.

This article examines Energy Australia and Origin’s history. It compares company features and electricity plans to help you make informed decisions about your energy provider.

But where did these companies come from?

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Deregulation: Energy regulation

In the 1990s, the Australian Energy Market went through changes called deregulation. This allowed more energy providers to compete, increasing consumer options.

Before deregulation, a few large companies controlled the energy market. Deregulation made the market more competitive and fairer.

Now, multiple companies compete to supply electricity and gas to customers. This competition lowers prices, encouraging companies to innovate. As a result, the energy sector became more efficient, giving consumers more choices.

Deregulation benefited both Origin and Energy Australia, contributing to their success.

Origin Logo

Company Profiles:


Origin Energy is an Australian energy company with a range of energy solutions. Founded in 2000, it has a rich history of innovation and growth. Origin now serves over 4.2 million customers.

Origin has heavily invested in renewable energy sources. In 2002, they acquired rights to Stockyard Hill Wind Farm—Australia’s largest wind farm.

In 2007, Origin acquired retail electricity and gas company Country Energy, making them Australia’s largest Energy Retailer. The acquisition allowed Origin to expand into rural and regional markets.

Origin continues to invest in renewable energy. In 2019, it announced its plan to build a 700-megawatt Solar Farm in NSW.

Their success has allowed them to give back to Australian communities. The Origin Energy Foundation is a charity focused on education, health, and environmental initiatives. The foundation has invested over $20 million in community projects and developed renewable energy solutions.

Energy Australia logo

Energy Australia:

Energy Australia is also a leading energy retailer in Australia, providing energy and gas to over 2.6 million Australians.

Energy Australia was originally the Electric Light and Power Supply Corporation. They powered most of New South Wales. In 1957, they became the Electricity Commission of New South Wales.

Like Origin, they continued to expand and modernise. Energy Australia became private in 1996. Privatisation was a vital point in company history. It allowed Origin to cement itself as a major player in the Australian energy market.

Continuing its development, Energy Australia merged with TRUenergy in 2011, further expanding company offerings and its customer base. This merger allowed the company to expand into Victoria and South Australia.

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But what do they offer?

Energy Australia and Origin offer energy and gas plans with fixed and variable rates for residential and business customers. They also have solar and battery energy solutions, allowing customers to generate and store energy.

Origin and Energy Australia maintain energy management systems so customers can track energy usage and bills online.

Comparison of Electricity Pricing

Annual cost estimates provide energy pricing insight for power suppliers and residential customers.

Estimates are based on current standing offers. Costs are calculated using average energy consumption rates by state.

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*Estimates based on an average consumption of 4,000 kWh

Origin and Energy Australia are both cheaper than the Victoria Default Offer. However, our estimates suggest Energy Australia is the cheaper of the two by almost $200 annually.

New South Wales:

*Estimates based on average consumption of 3,911 kWh

While the Default Market Offer out prices, Energy Australia, Origin’s standing offer rates are $600 more expensive annually.


*Estimates based on an average consumption of 4,613 kWh

Once again, Energy Australia’s costs are lower than the Default Market Offer, while Origin prices are higher.

South Australia:

*Estimates based on an average consumption of 4,011 kWh

Limited Energy Suppliers numbers mean that SA energy prices are higher than other states. Energy Australia costs are comparable to the Default Market Offer, while Origin costs $300 more annually.

Although Origin Energy’s energy plans typically have a high price point, they are still popular among consumers. Both companies attract consumers with their additional features.

Additional Features:

Origin additional features:

  • Online account management:
    • Manage bills, account information and usage data from their phones.
  • Energy Insights and Tools:
    • Monitoring tools for insight into usage patterns and personalised tips to help reduce energy consumption.
  • Rewards and incentives:
    • Loyalty programs and rewards, including discounts on bills, exclusive deals, and partner discounts.
  • Home Energy Check:
    • A FREE Home Energy Check. Receive personalised energy-saving tips, upgrades, and product recommendations to help reduce costs.
  • Bill Smoothing:
    • Spread energy bills across the year, making expenses more manageable.

Energy Australia Additional features:

  • Account Management:
    • Manage accounts, bills, and usage information from your hand.
  • Energy Saving Tips:
    • They guide and help reduce usage and associated costs.
  • Rewards and Incentives:
    • The “My Rewards” program, earn points for:
      • Paying bills on time
      • Signing up for direct debit; &
      • Referrals of friends and family.
  • Home Services:
    • Home electrical wiring inspections, smart thermostat installation and gas appliance servicing.

Origin and Energy Australia maintain similar features. These features build on the value offered, simplifying processes and helping reduce energy costs.


With so many Australian Energy Providers, the market can be overwhelming. Energy Australia and Origin are reputable energy providers. They offer a variety of energy solutions that cater to varying customer needs.

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